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  2. Memorial Day is a time for barbecues and parties. However, it’s also the day in which we remember and honor those who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Please take time this weekend to reflect and honor those that sacrificed their lives for this great country!
  3. The future of the automotive industry is open. In recent years, the automotive industry has worked hand-in-hand with major technology companies in order to deliver the most advanced, safest and most comfortable vehicles out there.
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  5. Yes, offering customer financing can help you make larger sales, make sales more often, and increase customer loyalty.
  6. Amazing, and great work Auto mechanic training gives you applied and practical learning in this growth industry.
  7. Do it right with quality parts but mainly if something is going to go wrong it will happen a lot sooner than 2 or 3 years after the repair but it's good peace of mind for the customer
  8. never need it as in never have customers return with warranty issues? is there a secret to this or is it a simple do it right the first time approach?
  9. Any update as to how its going? im currently in the works on opening my own shop and trying to learn as much as possible. any words of wisdom after about 2 years?
  10. I’m loving the diagnostic dice! Now I know how some of the cars I receive were approached by other repair shops!
  11. Stumbled on this again, some people could use a set of these...
  12. Alldata has a little write up on price matrix I found online. wp-ad-repair_parts-pricing-matrix_0.pdf
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  14. That's actually a really high rate, flat rates are never the way to go because cards with that high of a percent are super rare.
  15. We have some more updates coming this week, but for now... we have made a 2 and 1/2 minute video showcasing just how much information you can get access to from our Service Request page. This page helps you get complete access to all necessary customer and vehicle information without having to leave. It also showcases the importance of capturing accurate information once, so it saves you time with each repeat service.
  16. Thinking is where the process of launching your next business begins and your mind is where work through different scenarios before you invest time and money.
  17. Banner programs are good. And the strategy behind having a few main suppliers is not a bad idea. And don't forget, being part of a program does not limit you to buy from whom you choose to, just as long as you adhere to the program guidelines.
  18. Hey Joe thanks for the response. I should have clarified I am looking into the various Tech Net like services each offer to find the most shop friendly one since they all require you be in either or and use them as your first call with a specific volume requirement per month to wave additional service fees.
  19. After nearly 40 years in business, I can tell you that there is no real solution to this problem. I gave up on labor claims years ago. I would wait months to hear back from an engineer's report, only for the report to say that somehow my tech installed the caliper wrong and that's why if failed. I don't want to sound negative, but that is a reality. Joining a program group, like TECH NET, that pays labor is perhaps the best option. Also, document all comebacks: The brand, the store you bought it from. Look for trends. Then, sit down with your parts supplier and work out a deal. No one wants to get rich over a comeback, but the truth is comebacks kill. Lastly, make sure your gross profit on parts and labor is in line and factor in a percentage for warranty issues. No company is perfect and no tech is perfect. Hope this helps.
  20. Hey Everyone! I have recently (about two years ago) gone into business for myself (no longer a dealer tech) and have actually not had to file any labor claims until this past month and it was quite a bit of a hassle. I was wondering what your experience has been with what auto parts store has been the most user friendly and reasonable reimbursement process? The places I have access to are: Advance Auto AutoZone O'Reilly Auto Napa Action Auto Parts Federated WorldPac I don't want to say which of those I am frustrated with after this go round, because I am more interested in hearing your experiences rather than any defenses of a preferred brand. I am told that Advance and Napa supposedly offer full labor rate reimbursement, but I am not sure I believe this, there must be a catch. I don't expect a full labor rate reimbursement, I understand they are paying us for the costs of replacing the part and not to profit a second time, but I also believe it needs to be a fair valuation. Thanks for any feedback!
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  22. One of the best ways to advance your technician career is by earning a specialized certification . Many school or institutions offers short term courses like 6 months training class with certified certification .
  23. Every shop should have a first aid cabinet that meets OSHA standards. Do you have a procedure in place to check on the contents of that cabinet and replace items? Here's an inexpensive solution available on Amazon, available in 2,3, or 4 shelf cabinet versions: Here's another option available on Amazon: OSHA minimally acceptable number and type of first-aid supplies for first-aid kits required: https://www.osha.gov/laws-regs/regulations/standardnumber/1910/1910.266AppA
  24. I am the only employee and own my own embroidered uniforms. The only drawback I can think of with a small operation owning their own uniforms is the size/name issues if you don't have loyal long term employees. But if you have a washer and dryer on site, the time required is pretty minimal since once you load the washer it's pretty much on its own until it's done. If you don't pull the uniforms out and throw them in the dryer until the next morning, who cares? The biggest time suck I find is pretreating the stains. I am NOT recommending nor not recommending, but I have the Red Kap Downshifter shirts, both long and short sleeve. But now they call them "Motorsports" shirts. Mine are red and black. I find that the red portion of the sleeves will get stains and if not pretreated they will look dirty and grungy in a short period of time. But a high quality detergent, a stain fighter in the wash and a pretreatment stain fighter and they come out nice and bright. The seller's website gave care instructions to HANG DRY, do NOT tumble dry or any stain will be set and can't be rewashed with more attention to the stain. So that's a pain the butt. However, even as a small shop it's possible and economical to have your own uniforms and wash them yourself. I happen to do mine at home but again, I'm the only employee. I have heard of shops making their employees wash their own uniforms at home but giving them a stipend. The only problem I see with that is if they don't use a high quality detergent or pretreat them, you will be replacing them more frequently than necessary simply to keep your image clean and professional.
  25. With A/C season fast approaching, just curious about what everyone is offering in terms of pricing, how you buy your refrigerant, do you offer free checks, and do you market A/C service in your area? What equipment like robinair lets say, do you use?
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