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  2. Lift for low cars

    I just have the drop in adapters. . I wish I had the screw up/ adjustable pads. . If you have a car where the plastic side skirt/Lip is lower than the body seam you need to lift against , then you will be clad to have the screw pads . . I would not put a tuxedo in my shop. . Id rather have Atlas lift if you need cheap. . . Spend a little more now will save you A lot more later. . . My Bendpak is definitely worth its money. Its great how I can lift either symmetrically or asymmetrically depending on what vehicle I'm lifting. I picked the Bendpak over the Challenger and have no regrets. hth
  3. Damage to customers vehicle

    If the filter was left loose there would have been steady dripping, oil spots, and oil on the engine. That would have happened way before 2,000 miles unless that had been happening and was ignored. Otherwise it seems impossible to have happened after 2,000 miles. What are the possibilities for sabotage? Was the filter easy to get to? Any chance of a bad engine and the customer found a creative way to get a new one? Nothing is outside the realm of possibility. If you are on Car Fax I would check and see if anything shows up for service elsewhere after the oil change. It may be your baby but you just never know. I had one time where the drain plugged was stripped and the customer said we were the last one to change the oil. I found that it had been over a year since we changed the oil. The sticker in the car was not ours and it was not our brand of filter. With more conversation it happened that another shop was a possibility culprit. However, she couldn't find a receipt and they denied having any record but it was their sticker in the car. Long story we install a new oil pan at a good price and turned her into a customer who won't go anywhere else.
  4. Damage to customers vehicle

    That oil filter falling off is a tough one. I agree that the oil would be pumped out and there would be a massive leak and loss of oil pressure way before the filter actually fell off. This one would be a gut call, whatever feels like the right thing to do.
  5. Do you ask for reviews?

    We dont ask customers to leave reviews. As a customer of other businesses, i hate being asked that. Makes me feel like the positive experience i had was not that genuine. Not sure if I'm just not having similar experiences as you all but is it not enough to just give outstanding customer service? But I guess it also depends on type of shop you have and if you're going for volume.
  6. If that were the case there would be six extra cores in the shop or that they had picked up and owe you credit on.
  7. This is something I believe is happening to me also, one of the two reasons I got them out. I asked for account statements so I can make sure they credited all of my checks. I asked for these almost two months ago and nothing. I have not finished paying them yet so I may just let it go to collections and settle it for half.

    According to the attorney, which he is right, the BBB is a marketing group. If you are a member, you sign a contract, that you will arbitrate a complaint and abide by their decision, at least in our city. I used to belong for 30 + years as a A+ credited shop. When they raised us to 800 a year from 435, I said no more. So, in this case they can present, but couldn't hold me to a decision. They did close it out in our favor, there was nothing more that could be done. They say they may show under your shop name the answers. Ours would show we bent over backwards. Below is the letter sent to her . The other thing the attorney said was always show a paper trail. If you have to go to court he said she said won't hold up , but written between the parties will. One good customer came in happy with us, but had read all of the neighborhood site. She asked my daughter, "What have you learned" Her answer was, we should have turned it over to the insurance company and let them battle her.. RE: 2002 AUDI A4 LIC WAALF3843 WASHINGTON VIN WAULC68E72A312706 Dear Randi, Your Audi A4 has been ready to be picked up Since 12/26/17 with no balance period. As of January 16, 2018 have refunded in cash at your request for your previous oil change. Even though, we did a new oil change with the replacement engine. This must take place immediately or storage of $25.00 per day will be added. I have contacted our association attorney and are following his advice. I need to correct some of the details that you are writing and saying about this situation. I have never said to anyone that we “blew up your engine” I said it has always been my philosophy, if there is a chance it could have been our fault, we would take care of it. It had been September 28, 2017 until November 18, 2017 which is 52 days later, you called and Marco went up to your place and picked up the car, bringing it back to the shop. We originally found an engine with 21K fewer miles than yours of 102,975. After checking it out, we found out it was for a manual transmission. We then found one that was for an automatic transmission with 7000 miles less. Both her engine and the replacement engine needed a timing belt. The normal price for a timing belt through Repair Pal (an estimating program that is used all over the USA) was $1089-$1897. You had agreed on November 23, 2017 for a reduced amount of $650.00 as we had the engine out. Our timing belt includes a water pump, tensioner assembly, cam shaft seals (2). You keep writing and saying that your car was a one owner car. In fact, you will be the 4th owner. You had at least 50 + days to change the title and registration. 30 days is the legal time. You had more than enough time before the car came back in our possession. Car insurance: According to insurance companies, you need to have the car in your name, before insuring. Not sure who is the legal owner. The last owner had the car registered in Washington State. Tracy Allred says it is hers and has posted as such in the RS Neighborhood forum. The attorney will address that at a later date. You, Randi, says it is yours. Who’s is it? On your request for insurance for your son, we offered you a loaner at no cost, but you declined. In closing, you need to pick up your Audi immediately with no cost and a refund in cash of $75.00 This is our final decision. Storage will be added of $25.00 per day and it will be turned over to a 3rd party for abandonment. Tracy Allred is writing as the owner. She needs to cease, desist and remove all undocumented claims from the next door neighborhood sylvan forum and any other sources.
  9. I have replace two bad Interstate MT series batteries in the last week are Interstates less than 2 years old.
  10. Interstate has removed their batteries and delivered a final screwing. We are being charged for 11 batteries when our sales in that period were 5. According to them this is possible because some of them had not been restocked. I have no way to prove it. My fault. Watch your counts.
  11. Just wanted to commiserate with you on helping people. Over the years I have attempted to help many people. My failures outweigh my successes by many. I still keep trying because I don’t want to miss the one that actually gets it. It was heartening for me to hear of your attempt to help someone and get burned by it. I thought I was just a fool. Maybe not?

    1. xrac


      I have tried to help a lot of people and mostly it turns out like that but no regrets. Unfortunately, I am too nice and too kind hearted for this business.


    In case anyone doesn’t know this. The Better Business Bureau is NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. THEY HAVE NO POWER TO DO ANYTHING. They are a for profit non profit just like your non friends at AAA. Another fine institution out to fill their pockets.
  13. Damage to customers vehicle

    It is good practice to always ask what the customer wants. I have had customers ask for way less than I was going to offer.
  14. I tried repair pal for over a year. Brought in people we didn’t want as customers. Dropped them. No change in business except more money in checkbook. My old policy for over the phone estimates was to take down their information on a piece of paper and do nothing. If they called back and bitched they had not gotten their estimate I would apologize and make out the estimate and call them back. Now we do give the estimate but it is when we have the time. People go down the line in the “phone book” they have no idea the cost of estimates.
  15. Jeffa is right. You cannot make everyone happy no matter how hard you try. As long as a business has a rating above between 3-4 and some really good comments it looks very realistic. To have all 5 stars seems almost doctored. I have some one star reviews from people that I do not think have ever been in the shop. I have a 1 star review recently from a former employee who is a druggie that I have helped countless times. I have bailed him out of jail on two times, loaned money to, let him borrow a car, stored an engine for him for a number of years, and all kinds of stuff. I think he did it because he came in a couple of years back and wanted me to loan him $300 for Christmas. He offered me a pistol to hold for collateral. After hanging on to the pistol for over year and not hearing from him I saw him one day and gave him a deadline to pay me back. He didn't pay and I sold the pistol. He left a review slandering me and slander my technicians that he doesn't know. I contacted Google and have no response. You can only do what you can do and you can't lose sleep over stuff like that.

    My policy is: I will repair at no charge anything that myself or my employees break. I know that people make mistakes. I WILL NOT pay for damage not caused by myself or my employees. If the customer does not believe me when I tell them it is not our responsibility, my response is to go get it repaired elsewhere. Bring me a receipt from a repair shop (not your boyfriend or some guy in his garage) stating that we caused the damage and I will write you a check. I will and have bent over backwards to make people happy. If I reach a point where I realize I cannot make this person happy I stop. I have never gotten above a 3.8 star rating and don’t really care if I ever do. I always ask how a person found us. They will say, I read your reviews and they were good. I always respond, did you read the bad ones? Nine out of ten respond, yes if you didn’t have any bad ones I wouldn’t believe the rest. EVERYONE knows you can’t make EVERYONE happy. Many years ago a shop in town was busted for not re[lacing parts they were paid to replace. I thought, wow goodbye to them. Ten years later they are still there. Just as busy. I learned THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PRESS. It is time to get nasty with these people. Your good customers know your good, the rest all think we are thieves anyway. It’s our job to prove we are not.
  17. Oil vendors & pricing?

    I have purchased from Keltner in the past also.
  18. It is like I said. It is time to fight fire with fire. Depending on how nasty you want to be you can withdraw your previous offers and demand payment for what is due you. You are actually now in control of this situation because you have their car. If you have your lawyer send a letter it would scare the socks off them. Hiring a lawyer to defend themselves would cost them a couple of grand. People are naive and watch too much TV. They are overplaying their hand. In regards to the BBB they are just a joke, a paper tiger. They never give a business a bad rating unless that business is bankrupt or being pursued by the law. If you respond to them they will always wind up closing the case whether anything is resolved or not. BBB is too afraid of being sued to give a business that is functioning a bad rating. All BBB is a money scam. When people threaten to call the BBB I offer to give them the number.
  19. Lift for low cars

    That bendpak seems pretty nice, looks like it will do what I need. The only one I found that is lower is the tudedo/ideal TP10KAC-DX with 1/2 inch more clearance at the pad. Both are ALI certified. The bendpak is the better brand name for a few hundred more, probably worth it. Thoughts on screw up pads? They are an option on both lifts, I've never had a lift with them, just drop in adapters.
  20. Damage to customers vehicle

    It's not a lowered vehicle. An Audi A6 that sits a little low. Just seemed odd to have been torn up as badly as it was.
  21. Damage to customers vehicle

    Filters can fall off but I agree, there would be tons of telltale signs, oil everywhere and should have had an oil light long before it fell to the pavement. It does happen, happened with my old shop a few times, or at lease loose filters, every time it was by the hand of the owner. In any other scenario he would be looking for work but it wasn't my call to make at the time. Even if it is an honest mistake it never makes the customer feel good. How you handle it could though. If it was possible that it was your (shop) fault then own it and help the customer come to a resolution. So I agree, do what you think is right. One time had a defective purolator and they covered the engine, so its not out of the question that it would have been a defective part. On the note of those axle boots, inner boot failure is SUPER common on a lowered vehicle. Axles should never be warrantied on non stock ride height vehicles. I personally own a fleet of very low cars. Those that haven't had the engines raised to correct the axle angle blow through boots/axles on a regular basis. Especially FWD vehicles with long/short axle configuration, put it up on an alignment rack and look at the angle of the short axle under load, no way that boot is gonna last!!!
  22. Damage to customers vehicle

    Don't you believe that if this really just came off after 2000 miles you'd see more instances of this happening? Something happened but I don't feel it was your shop's involvement. I've had it happen here twice and both times it was a scam.

    Thank you for all your remarks. Her last demand from the BBB was she wanted cash for refund of her oil change. I answered the BBB with I would give her cash. They closed the case after she again rejected it and wanted more. I called an attorney and he told me to send her a certified letter and a regular letter stating she must pick up immediately, storage would be added and if not would be given to a third party for abandoned vehicle lien. Also found out the person slandering us on the neighborhood site is her sister. Attorney said to write her a letter also with a cease, desist and remove all of her remarks.
  24. Damage to customers vehicle

    Going to handle it. Called my insurance agent and he said it's covered....maybe. If they deem it could indeed be our fault it's covered. If they say we aren't responsible they won't. So it's a catch 22. I'll be happy if they say there is no way it's our fault but then I take the hit. In that case it will really make me look like a hero. On the other hand, if they say it could be our fault and they cover us, it makes us look incompetent.
  25. Oil vendors & pricing?

    Unfortunately I cannot identify with your issues. We are a much larger facility and I do not have the time to shop for specials at various stores. I recently fell out of contract with Valvoline and after reading posts by Anderson Auto and his strategy of inexpensive synthetic oil changes to drive car count, we decided to shop around to see if we could effectively bring down the price of a full synthetic oil change to increase value to our customers and then make the move to "5k service intervals" and then building a service package around them (LOF, rotate, inspection). There is a company out of Missouri called Keltners distribution who sells Dexos approved full synthetic oils for less than $2 per quart by the case. I used to order that in various weights by the pallet. I think minimum order is like $600. They sell a lot of other things that might make it doable for a smaller shop and you can mix and match. Recently we found a local supplier where we can buy dexos approved in bulk at $7.10 per gallon....so we no longer use or offer conventional oils. While we dont advertise cheap full synthetic oil changes we are exclusively using synthetics for only a couple of dollars more than we used to charge for conventional.
  26. Damage to customers vehicle

    Filters just don't fall off, especially after that long of a period of time. If another shop attempted 'repair' I'd question whether or not they're involved. An oil filter blow off would have ample evidence of the event with oil all over the under side of the car/truck/SUV. 'Driving it and smells something hot so pulled into another shop.' Without that filter it would get hot quickly and there had to have been warnings to shut the car down pronto. If this is a good customer for me - I consider the used engine replacement but that's the same as admitting fault. Insurance claim is an option. One of my good customers had two CV axle boots torn to shreds after a year. Something hit those boots and I told my customer. He asked what could tear them and I say anything other than flat pavement where this car has been, like a field, could have this lowered car suspect to damage. His son, naturally, tells him "No, Dad, I never was off road. I promise." Dad believes him. I redo the work, file a labor claim with supplier, and move on. Sure, weird things are possible but very, very unlikely. Also - I won my small claims court case on a guy who claimed his filter fell off and he lost an engine. Follow your heart, Tyrguy and do what you think is right.
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