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    • By Alex
      There are so many websites powered by wordpress, including some of the ones posted by our members. Please make sure you or your webmaster patch or update your sites to the latest version. I often see outdated wordpress sites that are never updated in fear of breaking the styling and theme. It is critical to keep web 2.0 sites up to date.
      More info:
      Recent WordPress vulnerability used to deface 1.5 million pages
      Over One Million WordPress Sites Defaced
      It's easy to see if you are running a wordpress site (as long as the admin panel has not been moved) just append /wp-admin/ to your domain name. Example: yoursite.com/wp-admin/
    • By Joe Marconi
      Maaco has announced a partnership with Pep Boys to launch an automotive retail concept across the U.S. The first two of many planned Maaco satellite shops will open inside existing Pep Boys locations in Marietta, Ga., and Union City, Ga.
      To the read the complete article click the link below.
    • By Joe Marconi
      Pep Boys has been struggling the past few years and it looks like they may be bought out. How this will play out is unclear. Here's a thought; would Advance Auto or NAPA be interested in Pep Boys? Is more consolidation coming? And is this good for the independents?
      Here's an article in the Wall Street Journal about the potential sale of Pep Boys:
    • By Joe Marconi
      Pep Boys, after struggling this year financially, is considering closing 63 stores. Pep Boys has been changing the marketing strategy the past few years, emulating what we the independent shop owners do so well: Building strong relationships with our consumer base in our communities.
      It will be interesting to follow Pep Boys the next few years to see how this all plays out. Below is an article in Tire Business.com.
    • By OEScanTools.com
      Chrysler Tech Authority 1 Year Subscription + 1 Year wiTECH Application License
      This is all together now in one package and not separate.
      Subscriptions provide access to: Technical Service Bulletins & Recalls for domestic vehicles - 1992 to present.
      Information for some 1995 and 1996 to present. Wiring information for some 1995 and all 1996 to present. Diagnostic information for some 1995 and all 1996 to present. NOTE: Diagnostics Info may be found within the Service Information Tab.
      Body repair Information. Vehicle controller reprogramming. Training Materials. Flash Matrix with Flash part numbers, part supercedance, recall and calibration information. Capability to download Flash files for updating controllers. Ability to view JTEC, SBEC and FCC related OBD II information.
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