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Hello from Knoxville TN!

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After being in the corporate IT world for the last 20 years, I'm purchasing (the closing was supposed to be Friday, but had a last minute snag with the sellers bank) an existing auto service franchise. My wife and I will be running the business, which is a 5 bay shop on a busy street. I've been to the franchise training, but I obviouslly have a lot to learn. (understatement of the year!)


I've read through many of the forum posts, as I found this site looking for recommendations for a scan/diagnostic tool, but I've found many other helpful suggestions and posts.


Hopefuly the last minute snag with the sellers bank will be reslved Monday. We'll take over operations the day after closing, so there isn't really any time to learn all the things we'll need to know, so a community like this to learn from will be extremely helpful!


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