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Do you guys perform Fleet work? Do you work on Sprinters? How profitable?

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Some of you may know my shop is a German Car specialty shop. We Service BMW, Mercedes, Audi/VW, Mini (no Porsche not sure if I want to invest in that).


We do ZERO fleet work. My general outlook on fleet work is that I would be competing against a ton of bottom dollar shops out there and there are just too many people out there that do not understand what quality work is. With that being said I am thinking about how to rearrange a few things in my shop and also add a 6th lift for productivity and efficiency purposes. If and when I do I was thinking why not add a lift capable of working on Sprinters. It is after all sort of a Mercedes LOL and from what I am told I should be able to charge a decent rate for labor and the parts are expensive. If I can attract a few accounts that may see value in a German Car shop servicing their German work vans/trucks I may be able to add some significant dollars.


I'd like to get some input on what I should expect with this also specifically if anyone works on a lot of Sprinters. What payment terms do you set with fleet accounts? Your price on labor and parts comparatively to your normal rate? How fast do they expect turn over?

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