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Chuy Reyna

Service Advisor- Male or Female

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Let's start off by stating I am not a sexist, on the contrary I'd love to find the "right" female service writer.


Now my story-

Last year I hired a female service writer that had NO experience in the automotive field, I started her from scratch hoping she wouldn't bring any "bad habits" from other shops. I set up a training ramp program for her, first I had her do the BG webiners. . Then for 3 months she didn't sell any work, she strictly build estimates, had her go out after every inspection and figure out what the problem was, and what, why it needed to be fixed. How the system works, and how it'll benifit the customer. She also went thru the ATI service writer classes. She's been with me for a lilttle over a year now, but I can see the frustration, she has a very hard time selling work, she's nervous and she use "ummm" a lot when she's talking to the customers.


We role play calls before she calls the customer, but when she makes the call she freezes. I also have some phone lines that are on a recorded line and she seems to do ok on getting the customer to come in, I'll give her credit for that.


The issues-

She's not motivated, sits on her bottom, I have to remind her for a lot of things, doesn't get the feel for shop flow, doesn't want to go out and chat with the techs on what the required repairs are. She's on her phone to much, or surfing the web, and she makes next to nothing in sales. If I am gone the shop suffers. The hard part she's family, how do I get rid of her to

Leave??? In a nice way?? Or maybe I'm not a good teacher???


So my question is, has anyone had any luck with a female writer or this industry going to stay male dominate.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Edited by Chuy Reyna
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