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Article: Santa and the Economy - - A poem for the season

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Ode to Santa and the Economy

There goes Santa, running for his sleigh;

He’s got to run fast, to get away.

You see, the economy has struck the North Pole as well;

The elves are on strike, and his wife is givin' em' hell.

These days when Santa appears at the local department store;

It’s not just for fun or photos, but for gifts he needs to score.

He'll check the store layout and make a quick dash;

Why even Santa max'd out his credit card and is low on cash.

So off he goes, into the night;

To find those gifts, and get out of sight.

Now, he’s not going to make a whole lot of stops;

‘Cause look out Santa… here comes the cops.

Santa leaps to his sleigh and fly’s far into the night;

Carrying all those gifts, on his yearly flight.

Way into the morning, the police search high and low;

Only to find a few tracks left in the snow.

You'll hear all the alarms blaring, late into the night;

But old Saint Nick will be long gone, and clean out of sight.

Santa has to be quick, to have it done by Christmas Eve;

So many gifts, and so many places to be…

The presents will be wrapped, and the tags will be off;

Cause old Santa is very careful, not to get caught.

So check your presents, early on Christmas day;

(Keep it hush-hush if they're from Santa, OK...?)

Now, I don’t know if Old Saint Nick, stopped at your house or not;

But I thought you should know … … … … …


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