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    • Post your shop's website!

      We've created this section here for you to post your shop website. This is a great way to get some feedback and suggestions from your peers.

      Please post relevant automotive shop websites only. Any posts including non automotive shop websites will be moderated and removed.

      Thank you.

      By Alex, in Management Software, Web Sites & Internet

      • 210 replies
    • Google Search - What Happened?

      Have you ever searched various services or products from your PC, tablet and phone trying to figure out what happens when your customers do the same? I'm guessing we all have and came to the same conclusion: it's a moving target. As shop owners we are all thinking "How do people in need of my services find me online"? Once we know the answer to this question we know where to go to get found, but that answer doesn't seem to be clear. Google search is still the #1 lead generator but the playing field has changed, here is the best article I have ever seen which clearly describes what Google is (and was) doing. If you struggle like me to understand, this will clear up a little confusion. To read it, CLICK HERE. Scorpion Internet Marketing are the experts my company has recently teamed up with for web development and marketing.

      By Charlie, in Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting

      • 3 replies
    • Dedicated alignment lift or 2 post with stands?

      Anyone using alignment stands on a 2 post lift? How are they for daily use?   I have a smaller shop with 2 techs and 3 bays, We have 2 lifts and 1 small "flat" bay. We are Japanese specialty shop that is growing and we were planning to add a new lift to the flat bay. The bay is not deep enough for a true 4 post alignment lift, so I was planning to purchase a new 2 post lift and add stands with an alignment machine in the near future. In searching for the right lift to be used with stands, I was just offered a used 2 post Hunter alignment rack that would fit in the bay for the same price as the 2 post with stands... and that really got me thinking...   We do an average of 25 cars a week on 2 makes and we are adding 3 more early this year (thus the need for another lift). We just started doing tires this past year and only sublet alignments when they are absolutely necessary. Our situation is pushing us towards needing an alignment machine in house, but we could use another lift for "over flow" just a much.     Knowing that we will be doing alignments out of necessity in the near future, I am leaning towards having a dedicated alignment lift. My questions are:   1. Does anyone regret purchasing their stands over an actual alignment lift? 2. Does anyone do "other" work on their alignment lift? 3. And how many alignments should I really expect?     If space were a major issue, what would you do? (Drive-on alignment lift -OR- 2 post lift with alignment stands?)

      By J.P. GLENN, in Automotive Shop Tools & Equipment

      • 25 replies
    • Somebody liked a post

      I think on the old forum, you would be told who liked a post you made. The new style just tells you 'somebody like a post'... I thought it was nice to know who agreed with you. Any chance we can have that feature back?

      By mmotley, in Member Feedback

      • 9 replies
    • It Finally Happened At My Shop Yesterday.

      I get notification from Tire Rack about a customer that had dropped shipped a set of ires to my shop. I noticed the size and price they paid,I could tell they were inexpensive and closeout tires. Young lady come in , very nice, and says , do I have to pay to have tires mounted. I have been a TR installer since 1992 with very positive outcome and great reviews. This was a first for me!!! I am a Price Pledge installer for TR , the pricing is on the website so I run a ticket for the whole works OTD. She looks astonished, she gets on phone and calls, I guess her dad, she puts this guy on the phone and bam, he starts freaking out about the price, I say sir look at the website it gives you the price, I was calm at first then I tell him sir there are 10 places to go too why did you choose me. Then it got ugly. He really thought there was no charge anyway it ended with me slamming the phone up on this craaaazy guy. I am calling TR today. That may wrap up a good thing and relationship with TR. I really think that this will be what is to come in the mail order business. A lot of people just do not get it. When they have to take their car back to a franchise dealer they will understand what is happening in this quickly changing business. I have been thinking about getting out of TR network. I think this just made my mind up for me. What was good thing 20 years ago is not good today. Times are a changing my friends. I felt a little sorry for the young lady , she was in the military , I was about to give a 20% discount that I do not advertise . She said my dad has a bad temper , and apologized. I am sure I get a review from hell about this. I will be waiting on this one.

      By tirengolf, in General Automotive Discussion

      • 10 replies
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