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    • By Tess
      I am wondering if anyone has any tips for organizing estimates. We use Alldata Manage and I know how to do the estimates in there, but there are many times a day that people call for a quick estimate for something and it doesn't seem worth the time to enter all their info into the system and do an official estimate in the program. But I still like to keep the estimates for a while in case they call back a couple of weeks later and want the work done.
      Right now I have a folder with handwritten estimates in it, but going through it is a pain. I am thinking I might get a binder and put the estimates in the binder in some type of order. Not sure if it would be better to organize by name so if they tell me their name I can easily find the estimate - or by date of estimate so its easier to go through it every once in a while to clear out old ones that are taking up space.
      Thoughts or suggestions?
    • By TTP
      I was wondering what is the best way to organize receipts. By Vendor? By date? By Job?
      Which way do you do it and is it working for you?
      I want to be able to put my hands on any receipt when called upon. Like if a customer calls about the warranty on a part. I am looking for the simplest
      way to accomplish this.
      I am currently using Quickbooks and we recently purchased a Neat Desk. Both of which are great, but I gotta figure out the best way to organize this stuff.
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