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So I got an email not too long ago from our tire distributor stating this:


As you know, President Obama signed a three-year tariff on China-made consumer tires back in 2009. The duties were in addition to the base 4% tariff which has been in place for years. The three-year tariff went into effect on September 26, 2009 and has now expired.


As of September 27th of this year, any products not already processed by customs are no longer subject to the tariffs imposed by the Obama administration. This change will undoubtedly cause some disruption in the market prices for Chinese import tires over the coming weeks. In addition, this event could have an impact on pricing other product lines and price tiers.


In light of the tariff expiration, distributors like ourselves have been forced to review and make modifications to our return policies. As a result, effective today, new returns on all Chinese imported tires will be credited at the lesser of price paid or current selling price.


If you have any questions, please contact your *** representative in your local distribution center. On behalf of everyone at ****, thank you for your understanding of this policy change, in the face of this unusual industry situation, and thank you for your business.



Soooo today I was quoting tires and on top of a NTF (New Tire Fee) that I have to charge customers, a FET fee came up on a certain types of tires, that I had never seen before, so I asked and it meant a Federal Excise Tax, which is understandable as tires come from out of the states but how did I never come across that before? Can someone explain all of this to me in laymans terms?? I know there are a lot of pros and cons to obamas tire tariff, but how does this affect us in our industry? So many fees and taxes, and how do I cover myself with all these fees?

Anyone else know about this whole Obama ordeal, I had never heard of it until I got the email from my tire distributor....

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