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I had a fleet customer call today looking for an interesting device for their busses/bus drivers. He wants a "device" that can be wired into the vehicle that includes a button on the rear wall of the bus that the driver must press before leaving the bus. This is to ensure that the driver walks the bus checking for "left behind" kids before leaving the vehicle....good idea, but surely he's not the first to come up with it. As I began devising my own ideas, I realized that it's a little more involved that it might appear on the surface. It will essentially be like an alarm system, it must be sensitive to ignition, wired into the horn circuit, and have a switch to disable, and adaptable to a variety of vehicles. Is anyone aware of a company that might offer items of this kind? Or any thoughts on the idea would be appreciated! I'm in brainstorming mode!

Thanks in advance.


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      Today what sounded like an older woman called. She was nice enough and said not to get mad at what she was going to ask so she had evidently called other shops and had gotten some less than nice answers. First she told me she was looking to find a shop that wouldn't use book labor but would just look at her car and tell her a flat labor cost to do a job. Second she wanted a shop that would not put any markup on parts. My gut said this was a customer I didn't want so here is what I told her, "Not Our Shop".
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