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Government Bid?

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I newer to managing an auto shop i opened the one we are in on Jan 18 of this year. About two weeks ago i was contacted by the local Air Force Base to make a bid to take over their car care center. It is a two bay shop that currently only does tires, batteries and the occansional oil change. I've met with the technician they curently employ he can only manage three sets of tires installed in a day. monthly sales average $21,000 and he is three weeks behind. They are projecting sales at $55,000 a month and was wondering how realistic that is out of 2 bay shop. My other problem is the bid consists of a promised percentage of total sales. my question is can anyone assist me on how to figure out what that percentage should be. their will be no building cost, it has 2 lifts, 2 tire machines, 2 balancers, 2 coolant flush machines and some smaller pieces, they cover all utilities except for communication lines(phone, internet, fax). They cover all of the marketing and there is no competetion on base short of the hobby shop.


My background is ASE master tech and factory certified in Audi/Volkswagen Land Rover, Hyundai, GM, Ferrari, and Saturn.

Other than running my current location for the last 11 months i have no business training and very little knowledge of this side of things. To do this contract i would to need to go from 2 Employees to a total of 7 or 8. (the AFB wants us to be open 6 days A week 60 hours total)


I found this website about a month and a half ago and have put a lot of knowledge found into play. Last month after doing so was first month to show any profit and have actually caught up completely from rest of the years losses.

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