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NJ Next Generation Emissions Inspection

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State of NJ gearing up for the end of Parsons contract may be using Ezpass for emmission inspection!



ERG is going to look at all possibilities for the Next Generation Emissions Inspection Program. The options include:

1). Keep the present hybrid system we have now, utilizing both Central Inspection Facilities (CIFs) and Private Inspection Facilities (PIFs).

2). Move to a PIF ONLY system and eliminate CIFs, and sell the real estate that the CIFs presently occupy.

3). Move to a CIF only system and eliminate PIFs, (which is extremely unlikely).

4). Begin moving to ELECTRONIC style emissions testing that could be performed as easily as motorists driving thru EZ Pass. This could include emissions kiosks where motorists hook up to a computer and perform their own emissions test.


Included is a link to a survey for the new program!


My link


Jim Quinn

JQ Auto

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