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I would like some feedback from those who have been using BG products. Which ones should I start out with? Which ones are you using the most of? I have a customer who is bringing their car in for 45K service and it says "install BG service kit".

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    • By Joe Marconi
      We sell service, not products. Yes, we sell water pumps, brake pads and air filters. And yes, those are products. But it’s the service we sell, the customer experience, which lives on well beyond the customer leaves your shop.

      Think of it this way; when you buy a watch, or a new cell phone, the experience of what you purchase continues after the sale. When we replace a customer’s water pump or air filter, there is very little about those items that lives on beyond the sale.

      But, what does live on is the customer experience. The better the experience, the more likely the customer will return to you.  So focus on the customer experience, not the products you install.

    • By sparkerauto
      First off hello everyone i am new here, My name is steve im from boston ma. This is my first post, I am opening up my shop within the next month or so and im trying to figure out maintenance plans to offer customers. like 15k, 30k ,60k and so on. I know alot of the newer cars theres no fuel filter to change and what not. So how are you guys advertising maintenance plans? Also are you guys using bg products? I am a tech at a ford dealer and we use them i personally love them just not sure how many independent shops use them . Do they charge to rent the machine or just lend you it if you purchase there product? thanks for the info.
    • By 5 Star Auto Spa
      Does you use BG products? If so, did you have to purchase the equipment (rent to own) or did they just let you have the equipment and just have to buy the product to use in the equipment? If you already have comparable equipment, can you just buy the product to use in your own equipment even if it is not BG equipment (trans flush machine, fuel injection, etc.). I'm basically trying to figure out if it is worth it to purchase the equipment based on the brand of BG and hearing that it sells itself?
    • By Joe Marconi
      I am a firm believer in offering value to my customers. I am not here to promote any particular company, however, in this very competitive market; shop owners need a way to bring more value to their customers. In particular, a program such as the BG Lifetime Protection Plan is one benefit that can protect your customer’s vehicle for life for major components. This has great value to the motoring public.
      There are many other products that are available to us. I think it would be beneficial to all if we could share some of the programs and products we offer to our customers that help grow our business.
    • By xrac
      Our courts are crazy and there is no hope for the little guy. If you are in business you are guilty of something. That is my opinion!
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