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Anyone get an email from Hunt Demarest, CPA claiming they are automotive CPA?

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This is the email I got and it sounds tempting...


Could your shop be eligible for a bigger refund?

Of the 5 free tax reviews we have done in the last couple months, we have found errors that resulted in tax savings of over $85,000. Let me know if you’d like to send your taxes in for a free review. We will select one shop to review anonymously on a live webinar that will also give some insight on how and what to look for on your own taxes.


Think that you have been paying too much in taxes? It doesn’t hurt to have another set of eyes and it could mean some $$$ back in your pocket!


To get started, just reply back to this email, "Tax Review" and we will reach out to get the information needed to begin.


Hunt Demarest, CPA


Accountants Specializing in Automotive Repair Shops


We help Shop Owners do 3 things:

·  Show where your money is going & why it’s not in the bank

·  Keep more money in your bank, not “Uncle Sam’s”

·  How to read your financials and see how you compare with other shops

In the past 24 years we have:

·  Worked with over 1,400 shops nationwide

·  Taught at repair shop coaching business for 21 years

·  Spoken in front of over 12,000 shop owners 

Website  Facebook

602 Center St, Mt Airy, MD 21771 
P: 301-829-4646     

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