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How can it be true that an independent auto repair shop almost doubles the price of their oil change service without raising their shop rates, parts pricing or adding any more costs? I know, sounds crazy, but we've done it. I am releasing the information shortly - but this short video explains it all.


There isn't anything to buy - no sneaky sales pitch - nothing. It's just about how we used a new tactic to present our oil change prices. All the details are being released next week - so you'll want to subscribe (that's FREE TOO!) so you won't miss a thing!

Hope this helps!
Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"
Join the Conversation on YouTube at Car Count Hackers!

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    • By Joe Marconi
      The True Cost of Comebacks
      Comebacks are a hot topic today, particularly with the frustration over poor quality parts. You need to track all comebacks, determine the reason (Tech error, part error, training issue, other) and then calculate the true cost of the comeback.
      Here are a few things to consider:
      - The loss of time when performing the comeback; time that the tech can performing other work and generating profit
      - The misc costs, such as overhead costs, supplies, cleaners, etc
      - Towing costs, rental, etc
      - Cost to morale
      - Reputation damage
      - Reduction to your profit margin
      For every part issue, you need to inform your supplier, whether it's NAPA, CARQUEST, Advance Auto, O'Reilly's, or any other. Sit down with suppliers on a regular basis. Dont return defective parts until you have listed the parts and maintain a report. Document everything.
      Part issues are increasing. Every shop owner I speak to is frustrated over this.
      Remember, comebacks kill your bottom line, the more comebacks you have, the more its killing your profits.
    • By Gary A
      A woman ran over an innerspring mattress on the highway,
      And decided not to worry -- and kept on driving.
      It caught on the undercarriage of her Ford.
      The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough
      To tear a hole in the fuel tank.
      The subsequent lack of fuel is what finally
      Brought her vehicle to its knees.
      She had managed to drive 30 miles,
      With a 60 pound tangle of stuff wrapped around her drive shaft.
      She had it towed to her Ford dealership, and complained
      That the vehicle had a 'sort of a noise'
      When she was driving at high speeds.
      Below are the photos of what they
      Found at her Ford Dealership....................
      The last photo is by far the best.
      "Sort of a noise" -- I'll bet it did!
      They Still Can't Believe Their Eyes.
      And Still Wondering How To Remove It!
      IM guessing she wanted goodwill as well…J


      And the best

    • By Joe Marconi
      About a month ago a 2004 Dodge Van came to us with an intermittent stalling problem and hard start. There was also a message on the dash, “NO BUSS”. The Diagnosis, after lengthy testing; failed PCM.
      We ordered a new computer, which could only be purchased from the local Chrysler dealership. We installed the computer (a reman by the way) entered the vin ID and the van started right up, no problem. After a minute the engine began to run really rich, as if the engine was dumping too much fuel.
      I want to keep this story short, because we went nuts on this Van. After 4 hours on this Van, my lead tech and foreman asked me to help. They updated me on what they did and all the tests they performed. I suggested going back to basics and start from the beginning again. Well, after an entire day of working on this Van, I concluded; “We have a bad PCM”. I know this is rare, but I was confident.
      We called the dealer parts manager, he said “Ok, I will order another one”. Two days later we installed the new PCM and the Van ran fine, no issues, and is still running fine now.
      I asked the dealer if he would help us on this, maybe check to see if we can get a little labor back or a credit in good will. The parts manager said he would find out. The other day, the parts manager told me he could do nothing and is charging me for both PCMs and there is no way the dealer was going to pay labor.
      We all know that the new car dealer is not my first choice, but I have been buying from this particular dealer for the past 32 years. After many discussions, they flat our refused to help in any way.
      This is not over, and I am not sure what I going to do. One thing I do know, I will NEVER buy another part from this dealer again!
    • By Elite Worldwide Inc.
      By Doris Barnes
      In a world where service advisors don’t want to be considered salespeople, we need to search our souls. Why is it that “selling” has become a dirty word? Why is it that we cringe at the term “sales?” It’s simple! Most service advisors do what they do each day because they care about people. To become a “salesperson”, in their mind, means to become pushy and overbearing. To most, it means that their interest must shift to one thing and one thing only… The customer’s Visa card! So, what’s the best way to overcome this misperception? First and foremost, we need to get something clear: Selling is helping people through a difficult decision making process.
      Let’s face it: Many of our customers are poor decision makers. How many times do customers come into your shop, only for you to discover that they’ve been neglecting their vehicles? In many cases, this is because a service advisor has never helped them truly understand the value of vehicle maintenance. These customers who have a pattern of making poor decisions are the ones who need our help the most! True salesmanship is always going to put the customer’s best interest ahead of everything else. If selling starts violating ethics, in my mind, it is no longer selling; it’s stealing.
      Over the years as an advisor, I discovered that in most cases, a customer’s decline in vehicle maintenance happens slowly. This gradual decline can be primarily attributed to the failures of the advisors. Rather than genuinely caring about what’s in their customers’ best interest, service advisors are acquiescing to their customers with the attitude that, “It’s the customer’s money, it’s the customer’s safety, and he can do whatever he wants”. This is the easy way out; the path of least resistance! We need to ask ourselves…is this right? What if this customer was your grandmother or your daughter? Would you just roll over and accept that they made the wrong decision? Of course not!
      So, where do we go from here? Well…service advisors need to become true salespeople. In large, sales skills come into play once you really grasp how people behave and react in a buying environment. When we sell auto repair, we have to keep in mind that we’re selling something that isn’t pleasurable for people to buy! Many times, we’re also selling an intangible. Talk about tough! We need to learn how to sell in a way that helps our customers see the true value of each service, because in order for the customer to authorize the service, the perceived value of that service needs to exceed the value of the money the customer will have to spend.
      We always need to ask ourselves, “How will the customer win by saying, ‘yes’?” This is, after all, what your customers care about most, in that they will always be thinking, “How do I benefit?”
      If we, as salespeople, can master selling benefits instead of parts and labor, then we’re one step ahead of the crowd. Let’s work together to help our customers, because they need us! After all, we are the experts… right?
      This article was contributed by Doris Barnes of Elite, a former industry-leading service advisor who currently heads up the Elite Masters Service Advisor Training Course.
      Click here to view
    • By Joe Marconi
      Below is a link to a true story about a shop owner who is retiring after 28 years, working 7 days a week. He is 64 years old. Read it and let me know what you think...
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    • By JustTheBest
      Yes, I was shocked - and you will be too! The most current report from AAA reveals critical information that YOU need to know. 

      Hope this helps!
      Matthew Lee
      "The Car Count Fixer"
      Grow your Car Count, Income and Profits!
    • By JustTheBest
      Hi Everyone! Quick Question. When it comes to getting tips and tricks about growing your car count, income and profit, would you rather...
      1) Watch a short video
      2) Listen to a podcast
      Just curious! You may not know, but I recently started a YouTube Channel at Car Count Hackers. It's all about helping shop owners - regardless if you're a new shop, established shop or thinking of starting your own shop. I've been thinking of adding podcasts - just wanted to know what your thoughts are. 
      Look forward to hearing your response!
      Matthew Lee
      "The Car Count Fixer"
      Grow your Car Count, Income and Profits - and it's FREE to subscribe!
      It's Like Shop Owners 911

      Thanks for your response!
      Matthew Lee
      "The Car Count Fixer"
    • By JustTheBest
      Yes, that's right. You CAN steal customers... ethically and easily. I explain it all in this short video!

      Hope this helps!
      Matthew Lee
      "The Car Count Fixer"
    • By JustTheBest
      I'll show you 6 Ways to Get More Customers in 6 Days or Less
      … and I’ll show you how we do it Without Crazy Coupons, Discounts or Money Sucking Advertising

      Join me this week on this training webinar and you’ll discover….
      The exact steps we take to get more customers. This is NOT about telling you what to do - I'll show you everything, step-by-step so you're never left guessing. Exclusive "behind-the-scenes" look at exactly how we do it. I'll even pull the curtain back and show you everything! Never done before - LIVE Interactive on the webinar that let's you experience everything! In less than an hour, you'll see everything, I'll show you everything step-by-step and you'll experience it all too! It's about the business that supports you and your family - isn't it worth an hour of your time?
      Matthew Lee
      "The Car Count Fixer"
      P.S.: Join me on this training webinar this week! FixYourCarCount.com
    • By Ron Ipach
      It's finally time for you to enjoy less stress and take more time off, all while putting more money in your pockets.
      Would you like to know how? After helping over 6567 repair shop owners achieve the shop of their dreams, I've put together my most anticipated Webinar yet:
      What The Top Auto Repair Shop Owners Know That You Don’t: 
      How a Small Minority Are Pocketing Six-Figure Incomes
      I'm Interested - Sign Me Up! Need More Incentive?
      On This Free Online Training Webinar, You’re Going To Discover: 
      The 4-step business model that’s been quietly converting struggling shop owners into multiple $100,000+ per year earners, while enjoying their businesses more than they ever have before… How making a few important shifts in your business RIGHT NOW will protect you from being swallowed up by the massive changes coming in the industry… Why most advertising efforts by shops today are a total waste of money…and where you should be focusing all of your efforts right now to attract the best high-quality customers to your shop… A simple process for converting those annoying price shoppers into paying customers…and selling your services at higher prices than your competitors… And much, much, more! Don't waste any more time, take the steps to change your life, and better your business!