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I just wanted to share a quick tip that I think is easily overlooked... invest in your community! And not just one. I have to say a lot of our success comes from the local community who have seen our name at the local booster clubs, fundraisers, sponsorships, etc. Don't count out your local chamber or commerce either. Host get-togethers/business functions at our shop, get a little league banner, run a "contest" if you will that will benefit the local food bank. Get involved! You will be better known around the community if you do. It has helped us grow so quickly these last couple of years. I rarely say no to a sponsorship and it has paid off in the end. Here is one of the last community sponsorships we did. We tied it into our local "best of" contest that we have in town: Best Auto Body Shop in Orangevale


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    • By Joe Marconi
      Years back, traditional marketing and advertising worked really well. But, if you are like me and have been tracking the effectiveness of traditional marketing and advertising (radio, TV, print, direct mail, etc.) you will agree that it's just not what it used to be.
      A few years back I began to get more involved with the community: youth sports teams, school events, fund raisers for local organizations and other community-based functions. And it's paying off.
      I also reduced my ad budget as I did this, and put the money into this community-based strategy.
      I also started doing the local Business EXPOs and other local business street fairs.
      It's a long process, but worth it. You build your brand around the community and attract people to you that are also like-minded and value what goes on in your home town.
      I am not suggesting giving up your advertising all together, but if want to build your company in your community and make it stand out, consider this strategy.
    • By Joe Marconi
      Part of your advertising and marketing program needs to incorporate community involvement, whether it’s with local business groups, church functions, the local chamber of commerce or other local organizations. The community needs to know who you are what you offer. Make it a point to network with business people to help promote local business and show that your support the people in your local area.
      Remember, people like to know who they are doing business with, knowing who you are will help drive people to your door.
    • By Joe Marconi
      The local Chamber of Commerce will host a business expo in my area next week. This will be the third year I will be involved. Local business can purchase a booth a showcase their business. The expo has proven to be a valuable source of new customer contacts and gives me a chance to talk with existing customers in a more relaxed setting.
      My table is filled with brochures and information on my company plus we raffle off oil changes throughout the day. It’s an enjoyable day and rewarding.
      Being involved with the community in any fashion is a great way to promote your business.
    • By Joe Marconi
      Probably the best-spent advertising dollars is right in your own backyard. Giving back to the community not only make great press, but helps your business reap future rewards. What community involvement has been a goal mine for you?
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