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    • By Pete K
      I recently heard of the Automotive Service Association (ASA). A quick search here gives me zero results. Has anyone heard of them? Any members? Curious about them as they claim to be non-profit.
    • By CMillet86
      Hello, I have a small 2 bay shop with lifts in both bays, I also have a 3rd bay that has a chassis dyno. I try to do performance work, but working on the marketing aspect of that. I've always done heavyline engine and transmission work, alot of it for other shops. I've found a lot of value on here. I was talking to Elite Worldwide about consulting to help me with the general repair side of things. I'm still in sticker shock from the Conversation, but they did lead me here.
    • By Alan_Beshore
      Hello, new member here.
      So i am giving the idea of buying, or starting, an auto shop very serious consideration. One question I would like to get some input on is how easy it is to grow by acquisition. Has anyone in the room actually bought or sold an actual operating business ? Is anyone attempting to borrow to buy out other operating shops ? Assuming you have solid 12 months trailing P&L statements, how difficult is it to acquire financing ? Does anyone here presently operate more than one location ? Is it a silly idea to think you could grow from one location with say four employees, to four locations with 16, in say 3 years ?? Does that sound like total fantasy, or not likely, or reasonable, or easy ?
    • By dfrisby
      I bought a small engine and power sport repair business a year and a half ago. We have been aggressively adding auto service to the mix and downsizing the unprofitable small engine work. Anyone have any idea how difficult it is to maintain a high average on repair orders when working on $75 weed eaters? We have an interesting mix in our shop at any given time and that keeps life interesting. Last week we did a head job on an international dt466 and a 14.5hp Briggs and Stratton on the same day. Glad I found this forum and have been getting lots of great ideas so far.
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    • By Joe Marconi
      Is any ASO member using RepairPal to help market their business. Or, has anyone checked out RepairPal, or know any other shop that is a member of RepairPal. Just wondering about this site and would like to learn more about it. Below is the web site link.
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