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I am frequently faced with the dilemna of pay. I don't want to low ball someone when hiring, but on the other hand I don't want to over pay either. I am currently in a hard spot on what to do with an employee who I feel is making too much based on his skill set. He is very weak in his diagnosing skills, but is a good parts changer. He's not honestly much better than my lube technician who is making $13 an hour. Tech B is making $16 per hour and $10 a flag hour. On average this is coming out to $22 per hour. I decided 90 days ago to put him on probation for violating state inspection procedures, some shop policies and because he was not meeting the expectations of the job description. Well the 90 days is up. He misdiagnosed a blend door problem yesterday which was a heater core restricted (cooling 101 in my mind), he's since lost his inspection license because he didn't followup with the state on the ticket he received, and he is not running the 35 hours a week I expect him to. The shop is average 80-90 hours per week so the hours are there, but he just isn't running them. Plus, I feel like I have to babysit him on making sure he is doing his job. I did put an ad out to get feelers and we had no one qualified enough apply. So do I let him stay based on he does do clean work, but at a slow pace and cut his pay or just cut my losses and can him now.


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