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    • By mspecperformance
      Customer walks in today (Thursday). Originally made an appointment for Monday for an oxygen sensor install. Had it diagnosed at the dealer. Obviously called us because he wanted a better price (and he was of Indian ethnicity, profiling!!!). Explained that it would be in his best interest for us to diagnose the problem so we can stand behind the repair. Of course customer didn't want to pay 2x for diag which is understandable. Told him I would scan the vehicle prior to the work being done and if we relatively confident we could do the work however we still were not responsible for the diag. Price was even given to him over the phone for the complete job with parts. Customer walks in with a box in hand. Something I can't stand is the audacity of people walking in like nothing is wrong after missing appointments. Either way I am still very polite when I speak to all my customers always. I mention to the customer. This is how our conversation went in a nut shell:
      Me: "Can I ask you a question? Did we make an appointment for you on Monday?"
      Customer: "Oh yes I'm so sorry I couldn't make it"
      Me: "Oh ok thats not a problem. Next time we can always reschedule. I see you have a box in your hand, did you buy your own oxygen sensor?"
      Customer: "Yes I bought it from the dealer"
      Me: "Oh I'm sorry, we don't install outside parts"
      Customer: "Oh I didn't know that"
      Me: "I apologize if there was any miss communication however you received a price quote with parts. We do not sell parts and labor we sell service which includes both. It is also backed up by our 2 year 24,000 mile warranty. The only way we can ensure the integrity of the work and to provide warranty is to procure parts from our warehouses which allow us the ability to warranty and defective parts with no cost and minimal down time to you. We have this policy for the peace of mine and security of our customers"
      Customer: "can't you make an exception for me this one time. This is my first time here"
      Me: "No I'm sorry. We have our policies in place for the security of our customers. You could always return that part and we could perform the work for you. Besides that sir you had an appointment for Monday and I couldn't fit you in today"
      Customer: "I just don't want to spend 2 hours to go return the part"
      At this point I did one of these :-/ and he left annoyed/defeated.
      Some of you may have handled the situation differently. I felt that even though the rules of the game were explained to the customer he had complete disregard for the way we do business. Even after it was explained to him again he wanted exceptions made. Don't get me wrong I bend over backwards, then forwards and I tie myself into a pretzel for my customers. I am very clear and concise when I answer questions and explain to potential customers what our processes are. It is unfair for the customers who booked appointments for me to jump this guy in front of them. It is also unfair to all the other customers who accept our business practices and become great customers that I make an exception for this guy and install his provided parts. I also think I avoided (although a SMALL chance) that the job could have blew up in my face with the wrong diag or faulty parts. I had a strong feeling that if exceptions were made both in scheduling and parts that it would not have made a difference with this customer. Asian cultures do not value customer service. Many times have I gave a complimentary inspection, explained to them the whole 9 yards only to have them go to another shop most likely ran by someone in their own ethnic community and for me to lose the sale and time. I know from experience as well, I am a Chinese American and my people do it to me too!!!
      Anyway, feel free to call me an idiot for letting a $150 sale walk out the door. Believe it or not it would be nice to make some money this week. Down on sales this week, having a problem upselling probably due to everyone being tight from Christmas, loads of weird ass diag problems with the cars we have so even though my ARO is far greater than $150 any money is good money right now!
    • By mspecperformance
      We have all been there and appealing to the logical side to these dummys its almost impossible.
      Most recently had a customer come in with a non functioning passenger side mirror on his 2006 530i. After about an hour worth of diag work which was mostly removing the door panel to access the mirror and repairing some shotty wiring work the own customer did to remedy his non functioning mirror the car left without the problem being solved. Made an appointment for the customer to bring the vehicle back for more diag work. One of those customers thats not happy to drop any money for diag and seemed to own a car he can't afford. Long story short, he drives back 5 minutes later with an Air Bag Light and seatbelt light that won't clear. Few days later calls me up says he consulted with a few "BMW dealer" techs and they told him it must have been something we did when we hooked up out scanner... Right.
      I tried every which way to explain to him that there is no possible way we could have done that and it could have possibly been a coincidence especially with BMWs and seat occupancy sensors going bad all the time. Of course he wanted to put on the blame on us.
      How do you guys normally deal with these types of situations? I can't stand being blamed for things that we didn't do and our reputation is highly important to me. Dealing with stupid people really gives me a headache.
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