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Any Shop Owners In NJ?

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In or around the Linden, NJ area? My sister is relocating down to Florida. She has a 2009 Hyundai believe an Accent, or an Elantra. It only has 36k miles, but has been barely driven as she lived and worked in NYC for many years. As you can imagine, the car needs a once over to make the trip down to South Florida. She is very naive when it comes to cars, and just takes it to places like Midas, Pep boys, or quick lubes. I do not trust any of these places to perform the necessary repairs to get this car into road worthy shape.


I know there are a lot of shop owners here in the NE area. I would trust any of you to perform a service and repair on her car like if it was me who was doing them. I'm not trying to tell anyone how to do their job, but off the top of my head, I would think the car would need


Brakes refreshed or replaced

fluids flushed

new tires and alignment


transmission serviced

any other miscellaneous repairs which could affect the vehicle reliability and hamper the move down south


If anyone is interested or knows of anyone who is trustworthy, please PM me, and I will pass along her information.


For the record, we are not expecting freebies, or hand offs just because I am a member of this board. You charge your labor, and repair as any standard customer. We, I, specifically am more concerned with her paying for services, and having them performed, and properly performed.


Thanks again guys.


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