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Right To Repair Act

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Right To Repair ActSupport the "Right To Repair Act". Are there times when you have hit a brick wall while servicing your customer’s car due to lack of information and software, undefined fault codes, specialized equipment which results in sending your customer to the new car dealer? AutoShopOwner.com will forward the information to National Automotive Task Force (www.nastf.org).

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    • I've been using "My Shop Manager" and it's been great for our business. It also has digital vehicle inspections that seem to work well. Also, with the slowdown from COVID 19 and me having to let my two employees take time off, I contacted them to suspend service for a month or two. They were quick to get back to me and allow us to keep service in order to contact customers and whatnot, but not charge me for this coming month. They are in the fight to help get through this crisis right along with the shops. I really appreciated that from them.  
    • UPDATE TO TEXTING:  We did our 1st mass text blast ever.  WOW!  We did it to our regular customer base.  The phone started ringing right away.  
    • Good morning,   With business slowing down for most, we feel that there's never been a better time for shops to take advantage of online training. We know that everyone in our great industry is in this together, and want to help shop owners in any and every way that we can, so have decided to team up with Jasper Engines & Transmissions to make our Online High Impact Customer Care Sales Course available to the industry at no charge.    The recordings for this 4-part online sales training course are usually sold for $179, but the below link will provide you with complimentary access. You'll see that the page also provides access to an Action Plan that you can follow to help you navigate through the coronavirus pandemic.   As you take on this challenge, please don't forget that you're not alone, and that this pandemic will pass. If there's anything else that Elite may be able to do to help you, please feel free to Contact Us, or give us a call at 800-204-3548.   Click Here for complimentary access to our Online High Impact Course and COVID-19 Shop Owner Action Plan   Wishing you the best,   Your Friends at Elite
    • I am hearing this story over and over, and not just from our industry.  I spoke to the local deli owner yesterday. Business for him is down 95%.  He is working alone, and has one employee working 2 hours a day. He cannot pay his rent or his bills.   The only thing that I can say is that this will pass.  Right now is seems like the worst of times, and being in business for 40 years, and in New York, I can tell you that I am never seen anything like this.  But, we will prevail. Talk to your banker, accountant, financial advisory. Get the help you need and make those hard decisions.  You need to save the business first, then rebuild when things begin to get better.   I know it may sound fruitless at this point, but maintain a positive and strong attitude. This will help your mind find ways to get through this.  It will not be easy, but we will succeed.    
    • Road traffic is at an all time low as well as our gas volume. Two of my key full time gas attendants and one part time attendant told me today that they are unable to continue working because of health concerns. Totally understandable but my island staff has now been reduced from 10 employees last week to one full time and two part time employees as of today. Impossible to cover our normal gas island business hours from 6am-10pm so I needed to substantially reduce hours Monday thru Saturday and close completely on Sunday. Not my desire but I have no choice. Bays are very busy which is a bit strange considering what is going on around us.
    • Are you a Iowa shop owner? If you have been affected by COVID-19, have 2-25 employees and have a location in the state you can get a grant of between $5,000 and $25,000 from the Iowa Small Business Relief Grant Program. (If you are not from Iowa please tell friend from the state)   YOU MUST APPLY NOW! (Deadline is March 31, 2020)   So what information do you need?   A LOT!   ●   Most recent Income Statement ●   Revenue Loss Analysis ●   Most recent Balance Sheet ●   Payroll Schedule And Analysis ●   Funds utilization report ●   Fill out All Paperwork   You need to apply now because applications close March 31, 2020.   This is FREE money, don't let it pass. We are currently helping business owners to access this grant.   For more info please call us at 1954-324-0803 or book an appointment at https://calendly.com/markjohnsontaxplanner/45min View full article
    • Questions to everybody.  Who is mass texting their customers?  What company are you using?  Cost?  Complaints.?  We do use e-mailing with over 50% opening.  With the covid-19 we want to let all our customers know we are open, we are essential company and how we are doing business now? Keeping them informed. weekly.
    • Shop owners, if you are having problems with cash flow due to the Coronavirus or even if you are not feeling the effects yet. It is always a good idea to make preparations to have enough cash on hand. With that said, the government has allocated 8 Billion to assist business owners affected by COVID-19 by offering SBA disaster loans and I am helping shop owners with filing their applications. Please see my article for more info.  

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