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If you have ever wanted to advertise like the big franchises and dealerships here is your chance. 

I will be adding to my program, professionally produced ads for use on social media sites for my clients. 

There will be one for all four seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall as well as a couple you can run weekly or bi weekly to stay in front of your customers, and to generate new ones. You can personalize ads as well. 

If your going to use ad words you might as well get the biggest bang out of them. 

Bringing Shop Marketing and Management to shop owners that want to hit that million dollar mark and beyond and providing it with a reasonable investment that has huge returns. 

Shop Training, Management and Marketing all in one. All shops are different so we can talk about your needs and what will get your shop to that next level. We can build a program to fit.   

If interested in the program send a private message here, or go to my web site and do so. I think you will be amazed at what we offer. Consultation is no cost. 

Making your business the best in your market and beyond.    


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