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Keeping AutoShopOwner up to date.

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Over these past 2 months, you have seen AutoShopOwner go through some changes/updates (with the exception of our server going down for a week). I wanted to explain why we do this and basically what prompts this.


The ever-expanding on line experience is what drives people to visit certain websites more than others. Offering a quality experience, along with useful information, is what we feel drives our members to re-visit. Staying ahead of the curve, when it comes to offering the latest technology and features, is what my overall job is here. I've been tasked to make sure we stay current and offer all of you the most we can.


AutoShopOwner is basically run a by a program called IPB. We take that program and customize it to our needs. IPB releases updates and security fixes to their software usually one a month a or so. But occasionally, they release a major overhaul update, which brings in new features, and customization ability. Since we are constantly keeping up with the software here, we implemented the latest upgrades and customized them for AutoShopOwner. These days, if you want to stay current, you need to have the most current features, just like other online communities offer. We also have come to the realization that sites like Facebook and Twitter, have become avenues for growth and sending our message to other shop owners. Facebook alone has over 400 million active users! I wonder how many are shop owners. Facebook offer integration of login to other sites. Well, we implemented that. So, if a Facebook user wants to come over to AutoShopOwner, they just need their Facebook login information. We're hoping that this raises our exposure. We're also testing the water with Twitter.com.


We've recently announced the change in our home page, which I feel ads a little personality and information that can be easily accessed, all in one place. More info can be found here. We're also planning to bring in Wordpress, to run a new articles section. For those of you that do not know, Wordpress is used by millions of sites for articles and blogs, and is highly customizable and search-engine friendly. Search-engine friendly, that's another full topic that can be discussed.


In a nutshell, we're keeping AutoShopOwner up to date for you, and to offer the best user experience when comparing automotive management forums on the web, in hopes of expanding our network of members. Spread the word!

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