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Donating your time today in my area would have gotten you on the local news and radio for free.

Kroger supermarkets on every side of town, four locations, here in Indianapolis, In, had a drop off zone for hurricane donations. Diapers, bottled water, clean wipes and snacks. 

Local news and radio station were there, where I dropped off items and seen on the news they were at all locations.

I asked the lady when we were unloading if a business could hand out gifts cards etc, to the people donating she said sure. We will give them some TV and radio time for there business for volunteering and helping out. 

Get involved with your community. This campaign runs from 8AM - 8PM 12 hours for I think three days ending Saturday. 

They win , you win and you did a great thing. Can't get any better than that my friends.  

You have the opportunity I am sure in your area to do the same thing. Get on TV, Radio and put a promo card in the hand of a estimated 300 - 400 potential customers for free !! 


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