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Prioritize and Execute = Success 

Stevens Automotive Service


                                                                                                                  Prioritize and Execute = Success  



To be successful in any business you must first have a Business Plan.

Nice clean shop?

How many bays do you have?

How many tech do you have counting lube tech? Having trouble finding good techs, we have a solution that may help.

Have all the equipment to diagnosis and do the jobs correctly?

Are you buying parts, oil, etc like a wholesale shop … seen and heard a lot of issues in this area! Example: full synthetic oil Dexos1 8.45 gal, other are less, 1.30 for a good filter.

So you only have 9.75 in parts for your price leader. Now it's time, to make that customer a client for life.

Are you marketing they way your shop should be and not like other? Do you have to much or not enough? 

Are your services advisers doing all they can do by working short and smart not long and hard. Getting that 2.0-2.5 labor, now or building for the next visit?

Is your shop providing customer service like no one else in your area? Following up after the visit ?

The shops that are making 1 to 2 million a year in sales, you bet they are looking all the little things all the time.

If you need help getting to that 1 million mark and beyond, I am here to help. Remember keep doing the things your doing right and correct the things your doing, not so right!  

Dan Stevens

Stevens Automotive Services

Shop Management and Marketing  

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