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You are a entrepreneur and your business is Automotive Repair. Run your business like a business and become more profitable.

You have a tool box just like your techs in the shop do and the ones with the correct tools , good work ethics and knowledge are the best at what they do. So can you in the shop management area just use your TOOL BOX!

A few things to get cleared up. I have read a lot of post , forums etc, dealing with car count, advertising, us against the dealerships etc. WELL ! First you have to concentrate on your business not what someone else is doing, what works for you and makes you money should be what matters to you and your business.

1) Concentrate on what your doing right if it needs refined ..REFINE IT.. DIAL IT IN... GET THE PERCENTAGES CORRECT. 

2) Do you have enough work flow and are you getting the max out of what you already have ?

3) IF you don't have a good even flow of car count, advertise, but do it in a way that it comes back to you to show what your business has to offer that the others don't, and land in the trash.



Look at it in this perspective for a moment. Your advisors are problem solvers, customer comes in with a problem or just for a service and they let them know what it will take to repair it or what the car may be in need of if not now then soon. They are solving problems if not right now then later, building trust and reputation for your business. I always say if you solve there problem the rest SELLS itself. And for those of you that think and have been programmed to think that getting new customers, keeping the good ones you have to spend crazy money to get them and keep them is just that "crazy".

I will be glad to speak with anyone that wants to have less stress and make there shop profitable. Send me a message, email, phone call and we will go over what you have and what you are wanting to achieve and the consultation is always free. IT COST NOTHING TO ASK BUT IT COULD COST A LOT IF YOU DON'T !!


Entries in this blog



Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! I hope your 2018 will be a great one. I have a very special offer for all ASO members that want to get there business profitable in the upcoming year.  If interested let me know and I hope you and yours have a great holiday season. Dan Stevens   


If you have been thinking about Shop Management and Training and been shocked by the investment LOOK AGAIN ! I have a few openings for 2018 that will enable you to have the top quality training your looking to receive to grow your business. Management Training, Front Counter Training, Tech Training from the front to the back of your business I work together with you to grow your business making you stand out and be the go to facility in your reach of business.  If you have questions contact me and we will work together to achieve goals you and your business deserve. Looking forward to speaking with you about increasing profits, training staff, and making your business the best it can be.  Make 2018 a great year ! Dan Stevens  Stevens Automotive Services    


It is time to get serious about 2018. This could be your year to get to where you need to be. Get ahead of industry and weather changes by acting now. Market your shop in both, call to action and branding your business all at the same time, all year long. Having a program for any size shop in marketing and management, training your staff in sales, customer service etc. We can get it done for a small investment that produces big returns.  You can be the number one go to shop in your market. Contact me for a no cost consultation.     


If you have ever wanted to advertise like the big franchises and dealerships here is your chance.  I will be adding to my program, professionally produced ads for use on social media sites for my clients.  There will be one for all four seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall as well as a couple you can run weekly or bi weekly to stay in front of your customers, and to generate new ones. You can personalize ads as well.  If your going to use ad words you might as well get the biggest bang out of them.  Bringing Shop Marketing and Management to shop owners that want to hit that million dollar mark and beyond and providing it with a reasonable investment that has huge returns.  Shop Training, Management and Marketing all in one. All shops are different so we can talk about your needs and what will get your shop to that next level. We can build a program to fit.    If interested in the program send a private message here, or go to my web site and do so. I think you will be amazed at what we offer. Consultation is no cost.  Making your business the best in your market and beyond.    


As an old school tech I always went for the WHY it failed. If you replaced it and didn't see the reason that it failed, you didn't fix anything !  Be it your tech or you the business owner it is still the same. If you don't see the WHY it will never get fixed.  I see everybody talk about what he or she is doing and not focusing on what they should be doing. Some say it's free... Have you ever went to a Casino and heard the word free? NO they say "we will comp you". What they are really saying is , I am going to give you this to get a whole lot of what's in your pocket! They didn't build those huge buildings on winners. When you walk in and the carpet on the floor would make you nauseous if you stared at it, that is for a reason. So you look at eye level at all the pretty lights and machines. Marketing is a Science ! Being a Business Owner is a Science ! Dealing with Customers is a Science! DISCOUNTING  A 19.95 oil ad is a discount. Free is a down right give a way. I never run an ad like that, WHY ? Because I can market customers in by other ways and yes it evolves oil but at the same time not making your shop a discount shop.  I am telling you that in the upcoming year the manufactures are getting very aggressive in retaining there customers for there service departments. There is no reason you can get aggressive with your service business as well. You can have that one ,two year old vehicle in your shop as well by doing the right thing.   You have a tighter area of marketing than they do. If you focus on your area and do the right kind of marketing and managing your business, you will also thrive. You can do the same effective marketing with your budget to gain new and keep the customers you have coming back to your business time and time again. Yes you can have the videos, the campaigns etc just like a huge service department but you scale it to what you can handle.   Here is a good quote I heard that makes good sense  Everyone on Earth is walking around life wearing an invisible sign that says, "Make me feel important." And your job is to understand the size of the font of this invisible sign and how brightly it's lit. So it's our job to read that sign and to deliver the experience that that person needs.  GIVE THEM YOUR STORY and GIVE THEM THE WHY THEY SHOULD BE YOUR CUSTOMER !!


Make it your business that gains customers and profit. To be the best in your area.  If you have thought about having a shop management and marketing service but didn't think you could afford the investment ? WRONG !! Now you can have what the multi-million dollar clients have with a fraction of the investment of what other coaching ,management and marketing companies require. Yes a fraction !! Our clientele is some of the top performing dealerships and automotive businesses around. Join them in success. I developed this service so independent shop owners can get affordable management, coaching, staff training and marketing to there shop. Consultation is no charge. PM , send me a email or visit the website. I know you will be amazed ! http://stevensauto.shop        


Make 2018 the year you excel your business far beyond what you thought was possible.   More Time, More Profits, Less Stress Customer Service. New Customers.Taking care of repeat customers and marketing to both.  Shop Management, Refining to make more and keep more profits. Service and sales training at your shop.  Profit more from Parts and Labor. Making you a stand out and profitable business is all we do. Your success is our success. You could say we have skin in the game.  Contact me and get the 2017 4th Quarter as well as all of 2018 in one extremely low investment. How low? It cost you absolutely nothing by getting huge returns, happy customers and profits period. Free Consultation. Lets' see where your shop is at and where you want to take it and together, WE WILL GET THERE.    

Stevens Automotive Service

Stevens Automotive Service



Donating your time today in my area would have gotten you on the local news and radio for free. Kroger supermarkets on every side of town, four locations, here in Indianapolis, In, had a drop off zone for hurricane donations. Diapers, bottled water, clean wipes and snacks.  Local news and radio station were there, where I dropped off items and seen on the news they were at all locations. I asked the lady when we were unloading if a business could hand out gifts cards etc, to the people donating she said sure. We will give them some TV and radio time for there business for volunteering and helping out.  Get involved with your community. This campaign runs from 8AM - 8PM 12 hours for I think three days ending Saturday.  They win , you win and you did a great thing. Can't get any better than that my friends.   You have the opportunity I am sure in your area to do the same thing. Get on TV, Radio and put a promo card in the hand of a estimated 300 - 400 potential customers for free !! 

Prioritize and Execute = Success 

Prioritize and Execute = Success       To be successful in any business you must first have a Business Plan. Nice clean shop? How many bays do you have? How many tech do you have counting lube tech? Having trouble finding good techs, we have a solution that may help. Have all the equipment to diagnosis and do the jobs correctly? Are you buying parts, oil, etc like a wholesale shop … seen and heard a lot of issues in this area! Example: full synthetic oil Dexos1 8.45 gal, other are less, 1.30 for a good filter. So you only have 9.75 in parts for your price leader. Now it's time, to make that customer a client for life. Are you marketing they way your shop should be and not like other? Do you have to much or not enough?  Are your services advisers doing all they can do by working short and smart not long and hard. Getting that 2.0-2.5 labor, now or building for the next visit? Is your shop providing customer service like no one else in your area? Following up after the visit ? The shops that are making 1 to 2 million a year in sales, you bet they are looking all the little things all the time. If you need help getting to that 1 million mark and beyond, I am here to help. Remember keep doing the things your doing right and correct the things your doing, not so right!   Dan Stevens Stevens Automotive Services Shop Management and Marketing  

Putting Customers on the Rack Period

I have been reading and discussing, everybody is wrapped up in car count and getting new customers. 

If you are looking for new customers, established or start up shop and you think it cost a ton of money, think again!

Bring in the customers, good customers you need and have, and the opportunity to make that customer a life long customer. 

2017 is heading into the 4th quarter and 2018 is right around the corner. Let your marketing make you money not cost you money. 

Offering Professional Shop Management and Marketing so you can get to the next level with less stress and more profit.

Programs to fit every shop because every shop is different and what work load you can handle efficiently will be the question. 

Stevens Automotive Services 
Professional Shop Management and Marketing
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