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The official AutoShopOwner Blog

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Re-arranging the forums

We're working on re-arranging the forum categories and condensing some areas, to make it easier to navigate! if you have any suggestions, please let us know.




Website Updates

UPDATES to AutoShopOwner!   Today we went through a membership system overhaul. We have made a decision to offer a basic "Registered Membership" for free to shop owners. Prior to this, we had been promoting our FREE Trial. After today, all FREE Trial members have been moved to a "Registered Member" group.   Registered members have unlimited access to AutoShopOwner forums.   All of our paid Shop Owner members have been moved to a newly created group called "Premium Members"   Premium members have complete access to AutoShopOwner Forums, Live Chat, Downloads, and Blogs (NEW).   New Blog feature has been added to the community. Now any Premium member has the ability to host their own blog here in the community.



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