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Joe Marconi
Joe Marconi

“The Right to Repair Act” Your Customer’s Right of Choice

This great nation was founded on strong beliefs and principles that are still held sacred today. The citizens of the United Sates treasure the opportunities that have been instrumental in making this country the world power that it is. One of the reasons why Democracy works is because of free enterprise. People in this country can aspire and fulfill their dreams through the spirit of entrepreneurship. Among many rights, the people in the country have the right to choose where they want to live, where they want to work, where they shop and whom they buy from. When these rights are compromised, Democracy is in jeopardy.


We have now come to a crossroad. The Right to Repair Act is more than a disagreement between the car manufacturers and the aftermarket auto repair industry. It is about the basic right of the people to choose where they want their car serviced. It is about preserving free enterprise. We cannot let an industry, such as the car manufacturers, hold hostage the citizens of this country. We cannot let any industry create products and systems that destroy the basic principles of free enterprise. There must be a level playing field. Competition brings out greatness. Without it, brings demise.


Letting car makers hold back certain information and build complicated systems that force people back to the new-car dealerships will destroy the right to choose. It takes away the rights of the people and the spirit of business.


And let’s not make a mistake in believing that if we let the new car manufactures enter into an honor system to provide information, that all will be ok. That’s like letting the opposing team set the rules for the game. It will not work. I am not for big government, but this is not about big government. This is about preserving an industry that the people in this country have chosen to patronize for more than 100 years: the automotive aftermarket industry.


The automotive aftermarket greatly contributes to the economy of this country. The aftermarket independent repair facilities are the preferred choice of the motoring public. The aftermarket auto industry keeps this country rolling. Independent shops have never interfered with the process of manufacturing or engineering new cars. Independent shops across the country continually learn new technology, invest in tools and purchase new equipment: all for the purpose to serve the motoring public. All the aftermarket asks is the right to compete fairly.


I urge everyone to support the Right to Repair Act. Let the people of this great land decide where they want to take their cars for service and repair, not the car manufacturers.


Below is a link for more information on the Right to Repair Act and information on how to contact your public officials:




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