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Article: The Car With Nine Lives - They can't last fo...

AutoShopOwner Articles Today, 05:36 AM
The Car with Nine Lives     There are cars and then there are cars.  Some cars live out their useful lives going from home to work and back again. Some, start out as rentals and travel the country, while others become the last to leave the dealership sales lot.  Still, ot...
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Garage Liability Coverage

Accounting, Profitability, & Payroll Yesterday, 06:23 PM
I received a friendly email from our current Insurance provider that says our rate is nearly doubling. Expiring premium $5,443.87 Renewal premium $8,747.81 The reason, the agent told me, is that the property value has increased. This policy does include Garage liability and coverag...
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Janna Jones, My Daughter Sings

Non-Automotive Discussions September 22, 2016
Gonzo said I should post this:  https://www.facebook...917819553767879https://www.facebook...?type=2   https://www.facebook...?type=2  
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Tablets without bolt on

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! September 21, 2016
I was wondering if anyone is having their techs use tablets to scan the vin to obtain vehicle info? (And for repair info) If so, how do you send the Vin info and pix to the front without having to write it down? Through email??
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Craziest thing you ever found in a tire?

General Automotive Discussion September 21, 2016
Just had a guy stop by to get a tire. He said his wife ran over something. We found this .22 inside the tire with a live round in it. When you think you have seen it all....
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