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This weekend - the unofficial start of summer

Non-Automotive Discussions Today, 10:05 AM
For a lot of us, summer could not come quick enough this year.  I have made it a point to set aside time to enjoy this summer, with friends and family. We work extremely hard in this business, we need down time. Life is a balance.    Any special plans?  
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Federal-Mogul Launches Garage Gurus

Automotive Products & Services Today, 10:03 AM
Repair techs have a new resource for technical training and product support – the Garage Gurus. This major new “Tech First” initiative from Federal-Mogul Motorparts is exclusively designed with the tech in mind – providing the most comprehensive program of support tools in...
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A/C Service and Repair, and LOF's How to you price them?

Need Business Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 08:16 PM
Hi everyone,   Just to give a little background, I am now part owner of the family business with my Dad who started the business.  My dad while a great businessman, give way to much away and has his own old school ways of doing things and his own way of pricing, which means giving way t...
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worst interview ever

HR Topics, Hiring, & Firing & Training May 27, 2015
I'm in need of a new tech. I interviewed one yesterday who was so rude and arrogant that I couldn't see strait. He couldn't have been more than 25 and said he had 5 years experience. He said he had all his ase certs but refused to show me any proof. Refused to answer any technical questions, said...
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Article: Old Sarge - We should remember our vets, and not...

AutoShopOwner Articles May 27, 2015
Old Sarge   I met this great man through his son, who happened to be the driver of that Chevy van from the furniture store that was my very first customer. Sarge isn’t his real name, but that’s what I called him.  He was a retired Marine Corps cook....
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