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Marketing Strategy for High Traffic Area?

Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting Today, 09:27 AM
So our shop is located on a street with heavy rush hour traffic, and lots of traffic at other times. do spinner signs or feather flags work for areas like this? everyday from 4pm to 6pm, vehicles are lined up and parked for about 3 blocks everytime the traffic light at the intersection 1/2 a bloc...
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What is your primary challenge ?

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Today, 09:05 AM
Independent shop owners face many challenges to be sure. What is the primary challenge facing independent auto shop owners now?
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Parts cost at 18%, is it really possible?

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Today, 08:31 AM
We all know the importance of maintaining the proper margins and balancing cost, but sometimes it's seems that we hit a big wall and can't get passed. How to we get parts cost down if mark ups are tied to cost?   Any input is appreciated.....
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Yelp Marketing

Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting Yesterday, 07:18 PM
Hi. new member here. what do you guys think about yelp marketing? yay or nay? pros and cons?   Thanks.
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General Automotive Discussion Yesterday, 04:15 PM
DO YOU KNOW YOUR BUSINESS GOOD ENOUGH TO KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU?     Has anyone called you selfish? Were you offended? Were your feelings hurt?   I am alarmed at the highly neglected conditions of over 60% of the vehicles going through my bays. Bald or completely worn tires, dan...
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