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waste oil heater

Automotive Shop Tools & Equipment Today, 09:23 AM
This has maybe been started in another post Looking to buy a waste oil furnace. There is a lot choices. Just looking for feedback. Thanks
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Differential Fluid Exchange - What tool are you using?

Automotive Shop Tools & Equipment Today, 09:08 AM
I'm looking for some kind of electric or pneumatic machine that will pump gear oil into differentials as well as fill up transfer cases and transmissions that have to be filled from underneath.  Ideally, it would have a small reservoir that could be easily cleaned to switch between fluids an...
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CustomerLink, share comments?

Management Software, Web Sites, & Web Yesterday, 08:14 AM
Have any shop owners had experience with CustomerLink. I viewed a demo today and I was impressed with their strategy, particularly how they analyze your data base, ID your ideal customers and also target market and advertise to find more of your ideal customers.  Also liked the reports....
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OE Scan tools vs. Snap On, etc.

Automotive Shop Tools & Equipment Yesterday, 08:12 AM
At a recent training class, the instructor was saying that in order to compete these days, you will need OE scan tools. He also said that many shops will have to decide on what car makes they intend to invest in.    Are the days of general mechanics and diagnosis in jeopardy? ...
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