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Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting Today, 09:07 AM
Thinking about installing a LED outside Message Board. At 30 to 40 grand it is a big gamble. Just wondering has anyone done this yet and if so have you seen any results from it?
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Advance Auto Parts Communicates Its Commitment to the Aft...

Automotive Products & Services Today, 06:38 AM
At a TECH NET meeting this past March in Westchester County New York, a heated discussion erupted over the acquisition of CARQUEST by Advance. And the comments by the shop owners was not good. We decided to list all our concerns and present these concerns to our sales rep.  To be honest, we...
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Big FU to RepairPal

Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting Yesterday, 08:14 PM
Just lost a brake pad job to because the customer looked up on repair what the national average on what brake pads would cost. All around national average was less than what I was charging for just the rear. LMAO. Hack shops and garbage like repairpal ruin this industry. Once a customer sees stuf...
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What is the best and cheapest way to advertise

Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting Yesterday, 06:05 PM
What is the best and cheapest way to advertise? I have been finding that I have been spending a lot of money with poor results? Let me know what is working for you?
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Plan now for the future and boost sales

Joe’s Business Tip of the Week Yesterday, 03:39 PM
The days of cars breaking down and lining up in front of your bays on a daily basis are long gone.  Today, we need to be proactive. Now I know many of you are having a great summer in terms of sales, but don't rely on this to keep you going the rest of the year.   Here's a tip to keep i...
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