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Back Door Walk In's

Need Business Help? Post Here! Today, 08:51 AM
Hi All,   My husband and I own a small auto repair shop.  We have been in business for approx. 3 years and things are going well..ups and downs as everyone else... I have a question that I do not know how to handle.. What do you do with those people that think we are still just working...
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How many pay labor or parts commissions to techs?

Accounting, Profitability, & Payroll Yesterday, 08:58 PM
I just implemented Bolt On's digital inspections and they are great. I am thinking about ways to motivate and more thorough recommendations during the inspection process.    I wanted to know how many shops out there have ever paid a commission to techs for recommend work/parts?   I...
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Auto Vitals

Need Business Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 07:51 PM
At a recent NAPA Autocare symposium, we got an in-depth look at Auto Vitals.  At that same show, my son won a hefty door prize which we asked to trade in on a "starter kit" for AV.  NAPA hooked us up with two Ipad Minis with Otterbox covers and a gift card to cover a big chunk of the in...
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How do you find your Tech's

General Automotive Discussion Yesterday, 07:35 PM
I'm a newer manager for a tire and service center. My current tech just gave me his 3 week notice. My problem is finding a new tech. I tried a few months ago to add another tech, and after running the add for 2 months I only had 2 guys that came in and they were both back yard...
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How Many Use Tire Rack?

Banner Programs & Franchising Yesterday, 10:31 AM
I am curious, how many shops use Tire Rack as either a supplier for tires or are a listed installer on the Tire Rack site, where consumers can buy tires and then send the tires to your shop, and you charge a fee for the mount, balance, etc.?   http://www.tirerack....0141018105351:s...
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