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Daily "Customer brought his own parts" story for...

The Customer Experience Yesterday, 11:19 AM
Customer walks in today (Thursday). Originally made an appointment for Monday for an oxygen sensor install. Had it diagnosed at the dealer. Obviously called us because he wanted a better price (and he was of Indian ethnicity, profiling!!!). Explained that it would be in his best interest for us t...
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Janna Jones, My Daughter Sings

Non-Automotive Discussions Yesterday, 09:08 AM
Gonzo said I should post this:  https://www.facebook...917819553767879
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Selling Road Hazard Warranties

Need Business Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 08:20 AM
Hi everyone!   My webmaster finished uploading the training video I promised you on "Selling Road Hazard Warranties". He uploaded it to YouTube so you could access it easily.http://youtu.be/AWDHl8GmjmU   Let me know if you have any questions.    
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How do you handle alignments?

The Customer Experience Yesterday, 08:09 AM
Since I have been offering alignments as a service it has been mixed results. Typical instance is a customer will want to schedule an appointment for an alignment. We will advise them over the phone that we have to inspect the suspension and steering systems to make sure we can perform a proper a...
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Since Murphy's lightning is striking twice today, her...

The Customer Experience Yesterday, 08:07 AM
Got a call, customer asked for a quote (2007 335i). I think I even exhaled when I heard that but I went through the my general run down. Here is how the convo went,     Me: Sir what kind of problems are you experiencing with your vehicle?   Customer: I need some quotes on some work...
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