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Cheap oil changes ( should I keep doing it )

General Automotive Discussion Today, 10:51 AM
My shop was started in 1989 be my grandfather. His oil changes were $18.95 and I was that when he past away in 1999. I opened the shop back up April of 2000 and kept that price through the years all the way up to now. The shop has been known for the cheap oil changes. Should I keep offering them...
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Stocking Tires?

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 07:47 AM
Was wondering if it is worth to stock tires? Seems like with all the sizes would be a tremendous outlay of money but sometimes the big box stores like Pep Boys, Mavis, STS etc.. are hard to compete with because they stock the tires and sometimes it could take me hours to get the tires from the su...
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Article: Back In The Future - mechanics need a lot more...

AutoShopOwner Articles Yesterday, 07:42 AM
Back in the Future         Who remembers carburetors?  Or, the first years of fuel injection systems?  How about the first cars with computers in them?  They all seem old news these days.  In fact, the modern car has far surpassed those...
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High shop morale improves productivity

Joe’s Business Tip of the Week Yesterday, 07:36 AM
When a workplace suffers from poor morale, so does productivity. When a company enjoys high morale, productivity improves and profit follows. It all starts with the leader; the shop owner. You set the tone. Your attitude will dictate the direction of every employee.Too many work places suffer fro...
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Need some advice

Accounting, Profitability, & Payroll April 30, 2016
Hey everyone, I am one year into my business, Yet have no idea how much money im making! Im good at the working on cars, and doing jobs correctly but when it comes down to keeping track of every penny, Im a big slacker. Well This year is time for some change,  I wanna know!   How do you...
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