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I am about to turn 50 petty soon, what's next?

Non-Automotive Discussions Today, 04:53 PM
As the title says, I will be turning 50 in the next few years, and I am now in doubt that I want to stay in this business.   Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy running the business and helping ppl. But I feel burn out.   I have a few properties and other things that will help me "retire...
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Employees who dont clean up

HR Topics, Hiring, & Firing & Training Today, 04:35 PM
I need advice! We only have 3 employees and they treat the ground like a huge dumpster can. I have reminded them to clean up so many times and they will clean up once I tell them to, but they wont do it unless its gotten to the point that I HAVE to tell them to. Should there be some sort of disci...
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Brake pad and rotor ordering

Technician Corner - Discussions Today, 04:28 PM
Aloha everyone. I have few questions. I am mostly a MB guy was at the dealer for 15 years and now opened my own shop recently. From doing side jobs before I know for MB what pads and rotors don't squeek. And for MB I usually order from world pac. But since I am on my own now and taking in all m...
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used car story of the week

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Today, 02:34 PM
So as a few of you know I got into selling used cars as a supplement to the garage work. It generates headaches faster than it generates cash. Here's what's on my plate for this week: a girl bought a pacifica from me with 90k miles. Paid about $5k. I made $800. Clean car, no issues. I gave her a...
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Service Writer Training

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Today, 01:21 PM
This is about training a service writer who has little to no experience.     I am working on training a new service writer. He was our shop helper at first, comming in half a day here and there to clean up and help with easy tasks, pick up drop off customers, ect. He was smart and had a...
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