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Credit cards

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 08:02 PM
I have been watching my cc fees go up. Add to that the pci compliance hassle. Does anyone have a good cc processing service?
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Just updated my history page

General Automotive Discussion Yesterday, 10:52 AM
2 years ago, I  was  in my garage. Now I recently opened a second location. This is my story.   http://carmedixnc.com/history/   How did you guys go about opening a shop? Similar story?
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Best books for owners and entrepreneurs

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 10:46 AM
This post was prompted bc of another post- but wondering on the most influential and helpful books out there that you have read and wanted to share.   For me, it was  How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Great book I think every entrepreneur should read. I want to tr...
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RW conference in Sept, anyone going?

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 10:42 AM
Hey guys, if you subscribe to Ratchet and Wrench, you know they hold a conference every year. Anyone going? Or anyone been? Worth it?   It'll set me back $1500 not to mention cost of missing work.
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Anyone use all data manage online?

Management Software, Web Sites & Internet Yesterday, 10:26 AM
We're having some trouble they can't seem to help with. When importing into quickbooks, it's creating a negative balance in a/r. We've verified all tickets are complete, and I've tracked through the data looking for the cause but can't seem to locate it. We're not owed the value its producing. I...
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