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The best thing I ever did for my business.

Need Business Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 09:32 PM
I am a nice guy like really nice guy, and with that I make a terrible service writer.  I am always trying to give people a deal, or not charge diag, or hear how someone is broke and let them make payments and never get paid.     The best thing I ever did for my business was get out...
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Article: Dealing with DIY'rs

AutoShopOwner Articles Yesterday, 07:38 PM
Dealing with the DIY’rI find it harder and harder to deal with some of these DIY’rs anymore.  It’s not that there are more of them or that I’m getting older and find I have less tolerance of their half-wit ideas, it’s more of the way they go about things these d...
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Communication is a lost art

The Customer Experience Yesterday, 10:41 AM
I wonder if you guys experience this... I would say 8/10 people that call the shop have such a hard time carrying on a simple conversation. It is understood their guard is up. They are testing the waters, asking questions to feel you out I get all of that. What I don't understand is the awkwardne...
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New Buisness

Need Business Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 09:28 AM
Hi,                I have wanted to start my own shop for a while. I am having trouble finding resources for this matter. I am wondering how you started your businesses. Capital, business plans, first year profits? I am master tech...
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Shop Owners: Business success is not determined by your t...

Joe’s Business Tip of the Week Yesterday, 07:56 AM
Before you call me crazy, please read on.   Your tools, your technical ability and your equipment are all components of your business. And of course you cannot conduct business without these components. But, the real key to your success is who you hire and how you manage your employees....
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