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Technician Productivity

Workflow Management Today, 08:19 PM
Curious how others are keeping track of technician productivity. Is it something built into your shop management software that you are able to run a report on? Do you have a simple equation you run at the end of the week or month? Are you having guys punch a time clock? Do you even track producti...
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Service Writer Performance

Need Business Help? Post Here! Today, 08:08 PM
I've been wrestling with a question about how much technician-recommended maintenance a good service writer should be able to sell.   Let's assume a writer who is just an "order taker" (just writes what the customer asks for - no upsell) does $10k a week.   Our courtesy check program te...
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Gov fleet accounts?

Need Business Help? Post Here! Today, 07:56 PM
We have visited about every small private company in our town for fleet service and have had some success. The local government(law enforcement, mail service, city trucks) has a lot of vehicles that I cannot image are all serviced in house. I don't expect it to be easy to win some accounts but do...
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Safety Kleen issues

Need Business Help? Post Here! Today, 05:00 PM
We own our parts washer and the Safety Kleen guys kept coming by trying to sell us fluid so we had them fill it for us. 3 months later they come in and change the fluid without authorization and bill us. The fluid was barely used and we in no way needed it changed. We call and tell them and after...
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Oil Service/Complimentary Inspection Forms

Need Business Help? Post Here! Today, 02:10 PM
If you are willing to share, please post your inspection forms.
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