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0 to 60, Starting out as a larger shop

Need Business Help? Post Here! Today, 11:44 AM
Ok, so I've asked questions before about operating as a one man shop.  My train of thought has been changing lately as I realize that managing a business really has very little to do with whatever that business does and more with marketing, sales and human resources.  Basicly, if your g...
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Hello from the central coast of california!

New Member's Area Today, 11:42 AM
Well I guess its time I introduce myself.  My name is Kevin Burk and I'm slowly considering opening up a shop.   Some background info: Originally I was trying to go to school for a mechanical engineering degree.  I wound up getting a part time job at an auto shop cleaning the shop...
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Auto Vitals

Need Business Help? Post Here! Today, 10:54 AM
At a recent NAPA Autocare symposium, we got an in-depth look at Auto Vitals.  At that same show, my son won a hefty door prize which we asked to trade in on a "starter kit" for AV.  NAPA hooked us up with two Ipad Minis with Otterbox covers and a gift card to cover a big chunk of the in...
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Janna Jones, My Daughter Sings

Non-Automotive Discussions Today, 09:21 AM
Gonzo said I should post this:  https://www.facebook...917819553767879
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Ford Sues Autel For Hacking, Copying Database

Automotive Shop Tools & Equipment Today, 09:12 AM
  One of our technicians had a conversation today with the MATCO guy and he mentioned a lawsuit regarding Autel stealing intellectual property from Ford's diagnostic software. I did some searching and found some information but requires a membership to review the entire article. Does anyone...
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