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Remember Shop Owners: Everyone Is Watching You

Joe’s Business Tip of the Week Yesterday, 11:30 PM
Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do as a shop owner is to consistently present yourself with a positive and upbeat attitude. Let’s face it; your life is filled with issues; from bounced checks to complaining customers, to comebacks and employee problems.    But the fact...
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Dealing with family & friends?

Need Business Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 11:15 PM
This has kind of been a hot topic here lately...how do you guys deal with family and friends? I am trying to run a business, as are the rest of you, how do you deal with people wanting "friend discounts" or family not paying their bills. It seems I try and separate business and personal relations...
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OIL CHANGES - To Free or not to FREE

Need Business Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 10:55 PM
I feel like a politician the way I Flip Flop on the subject of oil changes.   Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't give this service away. Then I go to bed and wake up and think that performing an oil change for slightly over cost is a good way to get cars into the shop. After all, every car ne...
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Big FU to RepairPal

Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting Yesterday, 10:26 PM
Just lost a brake pad job to because the customer looked up on repair what the national average on what brake pads would cost. All around national average was less than what I was charging for just the rear. LMAO. Hack shops and garbage like repairpal ruin this industry. Once a customer sees stuf...
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Article: Where There's A Spark - - - time to play fir...

AutoShopOwner Articles Yesterday, 02:55 PM
Where There’s a Spark          Fires, one of the last things anybody working on a car ever wants to deal with. Statically speaking, you can’t avoid it. Considering the nature of the auto repair business with numerous chemicals, some highly...
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