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Modern SOP platform for creating/implementing standard op...

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Today, 05:53 PM
Has anyone successfully moved to a sop platform like Process Street, Sweet Process, Pipfy or any other. It is time to bring our SOP's into something where they are easier to apply, self spawn, remind,  and actually live in a fluid environment. SOP folder trees with word documents on our desk...
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owner burnout

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Today, 05:48 PM
Anyone ever get the feeling of being burned out from your shop. Ive been open for a little over 4 years and its just worn me out. Between the long hours, lack of quality technicians,dealing with taxes insurance bills...ect,  excess of unreasonable/cheap customers and the general "all work, n...
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Consider Joining Family Service Day!

Banner Programs & Franchising Today, 05:46 PM
At the Ratchet + Wrench Conference last month, I met Charlie Marcotte, owner of Amerian Pride Auto in Virginia and the founder of Family Service Day.  After doing a little research, I joined the organization.     Family Service Day originated in 2009 with a Williamsburg, Virginia b...
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I'm Confused... And need help.

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Today, 05:44 PM
Hey all! So I've been too embarrassed to ask this question before hand but I'm so tired I don't even care anymore.   I've been keeping records as best as I can lately, as far as quickbooks and Mitchell and everything. On paper, everything looks good.   By that I mean: - ARO is growing:...
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New Shop Location

Auto Repair Shop Help? Post Here! Today, 05:34 PM
Was wondering if anyone has ever done a pre market analysis before moving shops?  How to do you estimate customer retention (from 1 shop to the other) and estimate the new customers you will gain at the new location?   We have been at our current location for 30+ years but in the last s...
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