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Hello from Indiana

New Member's Area Yesterday, 10:38 PM
My husband has had his hands on cars for a good twenty years. Several years ago it started to become more than just a hobby and he was quickly outgrowing our home garage.    We're now in our third year in our 5 bay shop. He's the primary technician and we have one other technician as we...
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Business management training

Workflow Management Yesterday, 09:02 PM
Have any of you attended classes or seminars put on by a company called ATI automotive training institute ? Was considering signing up for a 1 day class.
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Yes, you can get it cheaper on the internet…

Joe’s Business Tip of the Week Yesterday, 07:47 AM
Yes, you can get it cheaper on the internet…   I am not alone with this one. We see more and more people telling us that they can get the part cheaper on the internet, right?  I overheard my manager speaking to a customer about a catalytic converter job.  After Bill gave him...
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Mudstock, anyone have any feedback?

Need Business Help? Post Here! Yesterday, 07:43 AM
Is anyone here familiar with Mudstock by Mudlick Mail? It is a 3 day training event that seems rather interesting.   http://mudstock.mudlickmail.com/     I went through the agenda and a lot of the seminars appeal to me. I've been looking into some training/seminars to kind of get m...
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Alldata Manage Elite software

Management Software, Web Sites, & Web July 23, 2014
I am trying out Alldata Mange elite shop management program. It seems pretty complicated, but I have been using a DOS program for many years. Has any one else used this program?
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